Plus Size Valentina Black Fishnet Sheer Bouquet Net Tights

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Prima Valentina

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    A classic floral tights is always a popular. These Bouquet Net Tights from Valentina are a great example of just how beautiful and delightful they can be. Every inch is rich and packed with detail, yet the simple sheer black material is perfect for keeping this complex pattern versatile and easy to wear. If you looking for a complex and rich pattern, then the Bouquet Net Tights is the one for you.

    One Size Plus: 140-190 LBS

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    32B-C Fits Up-to 27" waist
    32D-DD Fits Up-to 29" waist
    34B-C Fits Up-to 29" waist
    34D-DD Fits Up-to 31" waist
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    36D-DD Fits Up-to 33" Waist
    38B-C Fits Up-to 33" Waist
    38D-DD Fits Up-to 35" Waist
    40C-D Fits Up-to 37" Waist


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